For Edward Figueroa, storytelling is fundamental to him. It is the fabric of entertainment, connections, and, importantly, his family and culture. For him, stories share small, intimate fractures of some truth and some fiction, and entertainment. As a storyteller, his interest falls on sharing and voicing life experiences through the power of writing.

He is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Screenwriting at Cal State University Los Angeles. His original screenplay was selected and produced for the Urban Stories Film Incubator Preproduction and Production course. Additionally, his screenwriting skills have been heavily utilized for many of the on-campus video productions for the Information Technology Services Multimedia Department in an effort to produce higher-quality content for the campus community. 

Edward's hobby is not only in screenwriting, he also enjoys photography. For him, just like storytelling, photography is a powerful medium that captures and communicates deep messages across time and space. He believes photography storytelling is as powerful to entertain, inspire, and foster social change.
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