Liminal Space (Elia) Read this Script

Logline: For Elia, time-traveling into her traumatic past to change her future proves challenging when it begins to affect her memories.
Written for: Urban Stories Film Incubator Preproduction and Production course, Cal State Los Angeles

Young Sheldon Read this Script

Logline: It is Christmas time, and the Cooper's prepare for a festive decorating at home. However, for Sheldon, his mind is set on the perfect gift to define his admiration for Dr. Sturgis.

Written for: Television Spec Writing course, Cal State Los Angeles

Saturday Read this Script

Logline: In an effort to save her dying husband, a scientist dives into his mind as a last effort to replicate his conscious. 

Written for: Studies in TV Film (Science Fiction) course, Cal State Los Angeles

At the Fringe Read this Script / Listen to the Podcast

Logline: In a near future, a detective follows up on leads on a Missing Persons Case. However, as they unravel a list of uncooperative people of interest, the trail takes them to the fringes of their city. And on the other side, an ominous, supernatural ordeal.
Written For: Emerging Media and Technologies course, Cal State Los Angeles
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